2016 Wine & Chocolate Run

Wine, Chocolate, and Running?

If you enjoy ‪‎wine‬, ‪chocolate‬, and ‪‎running‬ then you'll love this!

Starting May 19, 2016, Maple Valley Physical Therapy will be hosting the Wine & Chocolate Run. This weekly run will take place every Thursday. Runners (or walkers) of any speed are invited to meet at the Maple Valley Physical Therapy clinic for an out-and-back run on the Cedar River Trail. Spread the word, invite your friends, all are welcome!

The Perfect Pairing

The perfect pairing of Wine & Chocolate will follow each run at 7:45 along with a quick running tip from one of the staff.

The Wine & Chocolate Run will go May 19, 2016 - September 15, 2016.